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4/30/2024 11:18:00 AM

Jumpstart Custom Development with the Cloudblu Platform

The Cloudblu Platform is a completely extensible platform that serves as a "project jumpstart" for Microsoft .NET8 code-first, cloud-based development. The platform contains numerous prebuilt widgets and functionalities that will save tremendous time and effort.

What are the benefits of using the Cloudblu Platform?

Hundreds of hours have gone into designing, developing, and testing essential functionalities required by projects. Consequently, the Cloudblu Platform is equipped with numerous features and capabilities from the start, allowing users to leverage these without writing a single line of code, including:
  • Content Management
  • User Management
  • User Role Management
  • Secure Login & Admin Experience
  • Responsive Design Templates
  • Marketing Applications
  • Blog
  • Team Bios
  • 3rd Party Email Integration
  • Job Applications
  • Image Capture Functionality
  • Contact Forms
  • Google Maps
  • Email Notifications
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • And more...
The prebuilt functionality means almost zero setup, less development time, less testing and faster times to market. And because the Cloudblu Platform is built on Microsoft .NET8 it also contains all the security and features offered natively through the framework.

Who is the Cloudblu Platform designed for?

Cloudblu is designed and built with three audiences in mind: Web Designers, Developers and End Users.
Unlike other platforms, the Cloudblu Platform provides full access to all code and assets, meaning you can create a truly custom project without having to navigate hurdles and challenges.