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4/20/2019 1:03:00 PM

Herding Cats & Saving Lives with Million Cat Challenge

Day 1

Client shows up with a logo, a passion and a goal for saving 1 Million + Cat Lives over a 5 year period through the socialization of 5 Key Initiatives (some of which are seen as controversial). The business owners are geographically divided (one on the east coast and one on the west coast), both with other full-time jobs. There is no brick and mortar location, no online presence, no offline presence … a startup in the truest sense.


The Challenge:

  • Create a brand who’s primary existence is online
  • Gain awareness for the brand among all US and Canadian Animal Shelters (public and private)
  • Convert all the Animal Shelters online through a registration process and migrate manual data collected
  • Provide a private portal / dashboard interface for securely collecting Shelter data
  • Enable Secure Online Data Management (user data, shelter data, animal data, etc.) for the business owners, consultants and employees
  • Warehouse the data collected
  • Create reporting interfaces that visualize key data metrics, including a complex calculation for a rolling lives saved counter
  • Provide custom exports for data portability
  • Deliver valuable content and tools to the shelters to help implement the 5 Key Lifesaving strategies
  • Retain engagement levels throughout the year and retrieve new data annually


The Strategy:

Create an online presence and self-service portal for data collection and back-end reporting.  Employ cost-conscious tactics for off-line program awareness, recruitment and engagement.  Program components included:
  • Website, registration and self-service data entry portal, and back-end admin interface for data management and reporting
  • Exhibiting materials (booth, leave behind postcard)
  • Participant engagement pieces (certificates, window clings, online badges)
  • Awareness and fund development (T-shirts, 2-year progress report)
  • Engagement and celebration (milestone videos and blog site)


The Results:

  • Adoption of the 5 Key life-saving initiatives is spreading across North America
  • 1,500 high-volume US and Canadian shelters are actively participating
  • 1 year after launch, 250,000 lives saved
  • 2 years after launch 500,000 lives saved
  • 4 years after launch, the goal of saving 1 million lives was shattered, saving 1,148,129 lives
  • US Territories join The Million Cat Challenge in 2018
  • As of April 20, 2019 the current count of lives saved is approaching 2 million