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1/6/2021 11:01:00 AM

Best Friends Animal Society pilots Challenger One to improve data literacy.

Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has cultivated and maintains the largest dataset of sheltered animals in the United States. This data is critical to its success in measuring its progress against its 2025 stated goal where BFAS aims to bring every shelter in the United States to a No Kill status.
Additionally, this data helps to inform operations, strategies and programming. This means BFAS employees need to be fluent and literate in this data. And for many, the mere mention of the word "data" is where shutdown and tune out takes place.
The BFAS Business Intelligence & Strategy Team decided to leverage the Challenger One platform (themed “Sheltering Fact or Faux Challenge”) to improve employee data literacy.
The team will be using the platform for a three-pronged campaign where each trivia challenge will be deployed a few months apart and be live for two week intervals. Participation in the trivia challenges is completely voluntary, but engagement is encouraged.
The first trivia challenge was launched in November 2020 and intentionally did not offer a participation incentive. It received solid participation, with 127 total challenges completed by 111 employees, whom had very positive feedback about the experience.

Check out what participants said:

“So freakin’ cool….love, love, love it!”
Made my day! Great surprise. The challenge was fun - great tool!
“This was so fun! Too bad I missed two questions because I read too fast. D’oh!”
“This should also be mandatory for all staff. Great idea!”
“I do love this – it was fun and informative!" 
“I'm the Cat's Meow on the Sheltering Fact of Faux Challenge. It's fun, and helpful in getting more insight into our 2019 Shelter data and 2025 goal.”
“I got 100% on my re-take of Fact or Faux!!!”
“Forever holding on to this one time I got a better score than Nikki.”
“You think you know shelter stats? Well I did too, and turns out I got a 90% (oh the irony). But that's okay because I'm still the CAT'S MEOW.