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2/24/2022 4:40:00 PM

Introducing ChallengerOne. The triviafication platform.

We are very excited to introduce the Challenger One platform.

Challenger One™ is an acquisition and engagement platform that gamifies simple, quiz-like questionnaires, surveys and polls, turning them into fun, gameshow-like trivia challenges - around here it's know as triviafication.

Challengers (participants) answer ten questions, provide a little information and then get presented their score and rating.

From their score sheet, participants have the opportunity to to view data visualizations that aggregate all challenger scores, so they can see how they stack up. From this same view, challengers can "enter to win" a prize and share their score on social media. The "enter to win" module as well as the social share feature are optional and can easy be enabled or disabled, depending on the program strategy and goals.
If you’re thinking, “how is this platform used? … is it for lead generation, database marketing, increasing social media presence, consumer engagement, consumer acquisition, employee engagement, event surveys, online contests, sweepstakes?" 
Quite simply put, YES!