...our business is data…data is our business…our business is data…data is our business…


Our clients' businesses heavily rely on data, which kind of means our business is data ... or at least a very large portion of it.

Properly leveraging data provides strategic and operational benefits that can help your business cut costs, increases efficiency, price effectively, optimize for consumer preferences, improve loyalty, boost sales and help hire the right talent.

It's why your business needs to align itself with a partner that understands how big the potential of your data can be and what can be done with it. Our team of experts can help you evaluate how to best use the data you have as well as identify and curate the data that you don't.

Our team of data gurus are experts in devising strategies and architecting solutions that model data, warehouse data, visualize data, normalize data, report on data and automate it all.

So whether you are looking for custom database development, data-driven dashboards, data visualizations, data warehousing, data lake, data management, data migration, data integration, and/or data transformation services, Canvasblu has got you covered.

Visualizing your data makes it easier to understand, quicker to interpret, more memorable and consistently understood by non-data folks.

A Data visualization (or dataviz) makes it very easy to extract meaning from complex datasets, detect patterns, trends and outliers. A dataviz helps the data find its voice to tell a story that may not get heard by just staring at spreadsheets and workbooks.

Canvasblu uses a multitude of tools (Google Charts, Tableau, Power BI, Spot Fire, etc.) for creating dynamic, interactive data visualizations that bring your dataset to life. We choose the best tool that's the best fit for your goals and objectives.
We can help normalize your data across multiple and different data sources (data integration), creating the ability to explore and visualize data dimensions that bring to light insights that will help inform strategic, operational and tactical programs and initiatives.

So if you're ready to start visualizing, analyzing and/or socializing your dataset, then Click Here if you can picture it!

Autonomy, accessibility, agility and automation are just a few of the A’s you'll receive when using our applications.

When someone says database application, you may picture an old accounting package, a ticketing system or time tracking software which may be where you first encountered such an application. It's safe to say you can shed that perception. The reality is the world is dynamic and data driven...so you need to make sure you're in the driver's seat.

And that is exactly what our custom solutions deliver...complete control of and access to your data without dependencies on technical staff members, specialists or other departments.

No longer is there a gate keeper that decides what you're allowed to access and when you can have it.

The environments we create are tailored to your specific business needs and use cases. The software is built to serve you, enabling secure, simplified data collection, data reporting, dissemination of information and task automation.

User Interfaces are designed around human factors, leveraging conditioned online behavior, so usability of the system is completely intuitive and requires no training, no technical knowledge and no learning curve.

Oh yeah, and it is mobile optimized, so you can access what you need no matter where you are.

You can safely say goodbye to slow, canned, inflexible, user unfriendly data reporting.

Canvasblu offers a “Custom Reporting Platform” that allows for different data sources (EX: industry data, population data, FIPS data, budget data, employee data, etc.) to be easily imported, normalized and stored with just a couple of clicks by a non-technical user.

Its interface is designed around human factors, leveraging conditioned online behavior, so usability of the system is completely intuitive and requires no training, no knowledge of standard query language and no learning curve.

There are several reporting formats that can be enabled in the platform depending upon the defined business requirements and needs. Current options include:

Dashboard Statistics – Mini-reports built into the UI that show real-time stats based on stored data in the system. These mini reports typically have limited interactivity and serve as quick reference points for data is frequently changing and central to operations.

Data Visualizations – Preconfigured heat maps and charts focused on specific dimensions of the data. The data visualizations provide for a high degree of interactivity where users can easily change data parameters to drill into specific dimensions of the data. The data visualizations provide the ability to export a PDF, JPEG or CSV file for use in presentations, meetings and documents.

Predefined Static Exports – CSV file exports that contain predefined columns of data. This report can include any stored values in the system as well as calculations.

Custom Report Builder – This tool provides users the ability to create a custom CSV file export with just a few clicks and then save the report parameters for future use.

This tool enables users to filter records by any dimension of the data (date, industry, geography, employees, etc.), select the records to include in the report (all or just a few) and select the data columns to include in the export (this can be 150+ or as few as 2). Like the predefined exports, the custom report builder can include both stored values and calculated values.