Who we are

CanvasBlu is made up of a team of marketologists with specialties in marketing, digital development and consumer-centric design. At our core lies a passion to discover, create and do. Oh and we are also known to take a few liberties with making up new words and concepts along the way (like marketology) ... perhaps a small sign of innovation?

Our experience is deeply rooted in branding, marketing strategy and technical solutions. CanvasBlu is the result of handpicking outstanding creatives, strategists and technologists that have consistently delivered award-winning, business-growing results.

Our approach is as creative in identifying the problem as it is about designing the solution.​ We turn insights and strategies into experiences consumers engage and interact with.

And we do what we do because we love it. Every situation presents a new challenge … and problem solving is what makes it fun. It gives us the opportunity to think like an artist, a philosopher and a scientist … well mad scientist anyway.